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Master The C Language – C Programming For Beginners

C Programming

C programming will increase career options. Become a better developer in other languages by learning C. Explanation of pointers


Have you ever programmed a computer and thought or been told that C is a good programming language to start with? Is!

Maybe you have some experience with other programming languages ​​but want to learn C. It’s an excellent language to add to your resume!

Or maybe you’re stuck in a low-wage programming job and want to move up to a better and more advanced position. Learning C can help you!

The fact is that learning to program in C is not only an excellent programming language to start with, but it will also make it better to program in other computer languages.

Why learn C?

C is often considered to be the mother of all languages ​​because many other languages ​​have been based on it.

Although C is simple, it is one of the most powerful languages ​​ever created. Taking into account that it was created more than 40 years ago, it is still widely used and, in general, it is among the 5 or 10 most popular and widespread programming languages ​​in the world.

Learning C can really make you better programming in other languages ​​such as C ++, Java or C # by equipping you with a mental model of what the computer is doing when you run your programs.

By learning how things really work “under the hood,” and understanding memory space, CPU architecture, etc., you can create more efficient programs and gain a big advantage over other programs in the process.

If you want to become a better developer, learning C is a great way to start!

What you’ll learn:

  • Understand the basics of the C programming language
  • Become more commercial for entry-level programming positions
  • Create your first application in C
  • Learn one of the most popular and widely used languages in the world.
  • Understand the variables and the different types of data.
  • Request programming positions in real time.
  • Understand the central language on which most modern languages are based.
  • Learn to write high-quality code.


  • A computer that runs Microsoft Windows, Linux or Mac operating systems.
  • At least 4GB of RAM is recommended.
  • No programming experience, all the concepts taught in this class!

Created by Tim Buchalka’s Learn Programming Academy, Jason Fedin
Last updated 5/2019
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Size: 3.35 GB

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