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Complete Python 3 Programming Masterclass

Complete Python 3 Programming Masterclass

Python for beginners, learn Python 3 programming and create your own Python programs: Data Science, Machine Learning, etc.


This course turns you into a professional Python 3 developer: it does not matter if you are a Python beginner, you have already programmed a bit or just want to discover the advanced functions of Python 3. It is the ideal Python for the beginner course.

This course contains more than 250 lessons, countless tests, exams, practical projects, fact sheets and exercises, the easiest way if you want to become a Python 3 developer.


First a brief summary of what this course offers you:

  • Understand the basic concepts of Python development 3.
  • Understand object orientation
  • Develop your own applications in Python 3
  • Challenge your knowledge with several quizzes and exercises
  • Easy repetition of knowledge: extensive data sheets.

Several practical examples:

  • Extract data from web pages with a web crawler
  • Write real desktop applications with Qt
  • Develop a web server with Flask.
  • Apply data analysis with Python 3
  • Develop a face detection software.
  • Develop a simple machine learning application.
  • And much more…

Python 3 is an incredibly great programming language that can be used for several purposes. Therefore, it’s not only important that you learn Python for yourself, but also which tools complement Python perfectly. And that’s why I developed this Python course for beginners: to be an expert in the development of Python, regardless of the direction you want to take after the course.

After completing this Python course for beginners, you can write desktop applications, master the development of Python websites, extract data from other websites, collect additional data through great forms and automatically evaluate them with Python, the workflow full.

To this end, we will see several additional tools in the course:

The Data Science – Stack: Numpy, Pandas, and Matplotlib
Web – Tracking with “requests” and “beautiful soul”
Web – Development with Flask
Interactive programs with Jupyter notebooks.
Desktop applications with PyQt.
My goal is that after completing this Python course for beginners, you will be very good at developing Python, no matter what purpose you want to use Python for later. This makes you perfectly prepared for future jobs and projects.

What you’ll learn:

  • 🚀 From 0 to 100: From beginner to python all-rounder
  • 💰 Become a sought-after developer
  • 🖥 Write real desktop applications with Qt
  • ⚙️ Use a crawler to extract data from web pages
  • 🏅 Challenge yourself with quizzes and exercises
  • 👍 Everything explained with simple examples
  • 💡 Understand the “why” behind it
  • 📈 Evaluate data and create DataScience analyses
  • 🗝 Learn and understand object oriented programming


  • No programming skills are required
  • A computer (Windows / Mac / Linux) with an Internet connection is sufficient

Created by Denis Panjuta, Jannis Seemann, by Denis Panjuta
Last updated 12/2018
English [Auto-generated]

Size: 12.84 GB

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