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10 Best High School Scholarships in Canada (2019)

1. Scholarship Viaggio Italiano

The Viaggio scholarship is available to students who have no prior knowledge of the Italian language. The scholarship is not based on financial needs or academic merit but can be combined with an AFS scholarship based on Global Leaders, available to students from households earning $ 65,000 or less. Meanwhile, the scholarship for an Italian high school in Canada is worth $ 2,000.

You can read more about the scholarship of Viaggio Italiano or discover the scholarship of the leader.

2. Scholarships from the US Department of State.

The scholarship is provided by the US government. It is open to high school students studying abroad. However, the scholarship for high school students in Canada depends on the region of study and field of specialization, as it is limited to fields opened by the state government. The scholarship is also based on a competitive selection process, and the value of the awards varies. read on

3. Scholarship YFU-USA Key Club / Key Leader

Read more about the YFU-USA Key Club scholarship or discover other YFU scholarships. read on

4. Define your scholarship

The scholarship rewards high school students every month for being themselves. It is worth $ 500, and students do not receive a merit award. Candidates will need to create a personal profile at GoEnnounce and provide details about themselves. read on

This Canadian scholarship is available to active members or graduates of the key high school club. It is worth $ 2,000 and applies to travel in almost 40 countries. Language requirements may apply in some of these countries.

5.Halsey Fund Scholarship

This scholarship is available to students with outstanding academic achievements and who have not participated in SYA financially. The award is both a reward for demonstrated financial need and merit. In addition, the scholarship is worth full registration and flight to and from the program in China, Italy, Spain, and France. read on

6. CIEE scholarships

The scholarship is a partial scholarship and is available to CIEE high school students in Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, France, Germany, Japan, Ireland, Italy, and Spain. In addition, CIEE selects its recipients based on merit, and the process is highly competitive. However, CIEE prize amounts may vary. read on

7. Abbey Road Programs Scholarships and summer scholarships

The Abbey Road Scholarship awards two high school students for summer programs and these two award winners will share their experience of a study trip on the Abbey Road blog. The stories have the option of appearing on the Abbey Road website. The scholarship costs USD 500 or USD 1,000. read more

8. Brandon Goodman Scholarship

This scholarship is open to students who have a grade average of 2.0 or higher. These students must complete a 250 essay on their academic goals and contribute to community development. Meanwhile, the scholarship is available to high school and university students studying abroad. The scholarship costs $ 300 and there are no restrictions. read on

9. Vaya Latin American scholarship

Vaya, an American scholarship is based on academic merit and covers half of the student’s tuition per year or semester program. However, it meets the program requirements for eligibility for the semester or annual program before submitting the application. read on

10. Scholarship Yoshi-Hattori Memorial

Yoshi Hattori Scholarship is a complete scholarship for students studying abroad in Japan. This international scholarship for high schools is based on academic merit and concerns the AFS foreign study program in Japan. This is due to the fact that the scholarship was commemorated by Yoshi Hattori, an exchange student from American AFS. UU. A native of Japan who died in 1992. To apply, you must write four essays based on current guidelines. read on